May 11, 2021



Author Guideline

The manuscript was sent to be examined in advance by the Chief Editor includes material suitability and quality of the writing techniques. Manuscripts that do not conform with the field of study of the International Journal of Aquacultura Indonesiana (IJAI) or do not comply with the drafting of the journal will be returned to the author without further review. Scripts are in accordance with the provisions of the journal will be sent to the Aquacultura Indonesiana Partners (Peer Review) in accordance with their respective areas of expertise to substance evaluation. Reviewers are chosen are those who have the appropriate competence and is able to be objective. Reviewer name will be displayed or not at the discretion of the reviewer. .

Brevity, clarity and suitability of writings on the provision of editorial, reviewer policy influence on the manuscript is reviewed. Highly recommended texts really have been well studied by co-authors before it is sent to the editor of the journal. For the English-language script writers are encouraged to ask for help to someone who is proficient in the preparation of the manuscript in English and master the style and good grammar. This shows that the assessment is also based on the scholarly manuscript and not merely technical matter of clarity. Keep in mind that the manuscript may be rejected simply because of how bad scriptwriting.

There are three types of editorial decisions to a script: 1). accepted with minor repairs, 2). accepted with major repairs, and 3). rejected. Most of the manuscript will be postponed until its minor shortcomings in terms of grammar and the way they are presented rectified author. In other words, the text editor that does not comply in terms of scholarship and writing standards will be returned to the author without being given the opportunity to resubmit. Most manuscripts were returned due to an error that is pretty basic. The author was asked to follow up on the comments and suggestions provided by the reviewers by improving the manuscript or respond by sending a justification for the manuscript that is considered wrong by the reviewer.

Editorial Board will provide additional review. It depends on the extent of improvements that need to be done.

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