Dear Aquaculture enthusiasts,

On behalf of the Indonesian Aquaculture Society (IAS) or it is more popular called as MAI, I would like to invite all of you again to join in the 9th International Conference of Aquaculture Indonesia 2019 (#ICAI 2019). This year, it will be hold on October 3-5th, 2019 in Surabaya City, Java Island. Up to now, the conference still becomes as one of favorite and interesting regional or global regular annual aquaculture meetings presented in Indonesia. “Toward Sustainable Aquaculture for Happinness and Prosperity” is our conference theme in 2019. For our annual meeting in Semarang this year, we will join forces with more international and national aquaculture stakeholders. We expect a more number of new MAI members from an Indonesian speaking background – not only from Indonesia, but also from all around Asia-Pacific/the world.

The conference theme has been chosen to encourage and manifest how sustainable, effective and profitable integrated aquaculture production business can be achieved. To manifest this we need commitment and mutual cooperation among aquaculture stakeholders/communities - academics, researchers, practitioners, businessmen, producers, processors, and government representatives. I firmly believe that a mutual cooperation from all of us in aquaculture is main key to make a stronger and sustainable aquaculture industry position for the present and the future. As parts of this, Indonesian Aquaculture Society (MAI) as national professional organization in aquaculture cares and brings them in the annual meeting of ICAI. This conference is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge between scientists and industry personnel’s on important current issues in aquaculture and how finding solutions and supporting to the industry. The conference will be a venue for the exchange of up-to-date information among scientists and business actors in aquaculture who coming from all around Asia Pacific and other countries.

Global food demand increases 70% up to 2050 due to an increasing of the population. Economic crisis causing high unemployed people and high food demand has positioned aquaculture becoming an important industry sector as food supply and economic mover. Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food production sector by about 11 percent annually. Indonesia has a potential to be the greatest aquaculture producer in the world (67.7 millions MT per year) consisting of marine sector (47 millions MT), brackish water sector (15 millions MT), and freshwater sector (5.7 millions MT). However, this high potency is just utilized up to 11% and this will be a challenge to be the greatest in the future. This high potency (human and fisheries resources) will result in attracting overseas investors to be the players in Indonesia.

Future global aquaculture industry growth especially in Indonesia will be severely restricted if the aquaculture industry remains reliant on fishmeal and fish oil.  So that in the future, aquaculture industry must reduce reliance on fishmeal and fish oil as a key ingredient in aqua feeds. The next 10 years, Indonesia will face some great challenges for the sustainable development of aquaculture industry. This conference would allow us to look at many threats and opportunities and consider how to best manage the sustainable development of the global aquaculture industry especially toward sustainable future aquaculture industry in Indonesia.

The conference has 2 sessions of plenary and parallel classes. There will be 5 parallel classes available i.e. (1) Diseases & Environment; (2) Management & Technology; (3) Feed & Nutrition; (4) Genetics & Breeding; and (5) Shrimp Farmers Day. Due to limited presentation time slots, so only the selected papers will be orally presented, however other accepted papers will be presented in a poster exhibition. International and regional experts in aquaculture will be invited to deliver keynote addresses during the conference. The invited international aquaculture speakers are attending the conference to share their experiences and knowledge. We hope that you will find out an interesting conference program and a fascinating exposition.

Finally, please join the 9th ICAI 2019!   We look forward to seeing you on October 3-5th, 2019 in Surabaya–Indonesia.


Prof. Rokhmin Dahuri

President IAS



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